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Create music marketing links with Landlr and combine all relevant stores, like iTunes, Amazon and many more, to just one link! Every link generates an own landing page, for the best social sharing experience.

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Increase sales

Boost your sales with smart music marketing links by Landlr. We combine all store links to just one smart link, which you can share on all relevant social platforms.

Landing page

Landlr generates an own landing page with every created link. New feature: YouTube background video for better visual effects and youtube click generating on every page call.

Platform support

We support every relevant store- and streaming platform, like Amazon, iTunes, Beatport, Spotify, Deezer, Soundcloud, Google Play and many more.

Landlr is for free!

We offer all our services for free. We want to help you, to reach more people and generate a better social sharing experience for your music.

Try it out, generate a music marketing social with an own landing page and share your music.


All features included:

  • + Create links
  • + Landing pages
  • + All supported stores
  • + All streaming platforms
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Reach more people, get more fans and sell more music.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is Landlr?

Landlr is a music marketing service for music producer, artists and dj's. You can create music marketing landing pages and route your fans to their favorite store or streaming service.

How can i create a music marketing landing page?

Step 1: Go to
Step 2: Fill the form
Step 3: Share your music marketing landing page with your fans

How can i help to improve Landlr?

Click on the message box and send us your feedback.

Where can i get news and updates about Landlr?

Just follow us on Twitter. We will post all new stuff about Landlr there.